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Stowaway Pub & Eatery – The “Cool Friend” on James St N

255 James Street North,

Hamilton ON

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James St N is home to Art Crawl, Festivals and many of our favourite restaurants. Stowaway Pub & Eatery is one of the newer restaurants to the Hamilton scene, aged a short 4 months, but one of our favourite go tos.

We love going to Stowaway because I mean, what’s better than a Caesar and a good old game of jenga, connect 4 or clue? Nothing we say!

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Well you know we love eating. And even more than eating we love discussing brands! So let’s hop on to it…


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The logo is fun and reminds us of the wavy waters. Perfect for this ship themed pub. However, we feel it differs a lot from the atmosphere inside. We’ll talk about that later in brands though.

But do we like the logo? Yes we do!

Food Review 

Lindsay’s Order: A Caesar at $6.00 (okay, two Caesars) and a Veggie Burger with apple chutney and fresh cut fries at $12.00. So two Caesars at $6.00 and a meal at $12.00, Total: $27.12 with tax.

I am in love with fries. Could you guess? So having some quality, fresh cut fries come out put me in my happy place. I ate them all up in a jiffy.

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I LOVED the apple chutney on the veggie burger. It really added some flavour. However, I’m pretty picky about my veggie burgers. The taste was right but the texture was a little too soft for my liking. I think deep frying it (yes, calories, whatever) would make it a little crispier.

I also had an AMAZING server! After ordering my second Caesar, she found out they had no more Clamato juice. Instead of telling me tough luck she ran to the store to get more. What a doll! And totally made us feel important. I can’t brag enough about #HamOnt hospitality.

Heather’s Order: Nickelbrook Naughty Neighbour (local Burlington beer) and Drunken Sausage. Why I can never remember to grab my original receipt for the pricing is beyond me. All I know is I paid $17.87 for my combo.

Loved the local beer! Both Lindsay and I are all about the local so it was nice to sample one of their fun-named brews. It was a strong flavoured beer – which is not necessarily my type, but I enjoyed this one.

My drunken sausage also had a strong beer flavour in a Dijon cream sauce. It was good quality sausage and I had some grilled pita to go with it. I really liked my meal here and loved that I had enough to take home some leftovers!

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Well there is a lot about the atmosphere of Stowaway that we love. We love the open window in the kitchen so you can see right in. Their lovely chef also comes out frequently which is really nice.

The set up definitely makes you feel like when you are in grade school, and you got that cool friend – you know that cool friend, the one with the pop and chips, and the fun games, whose mom always lets all of you hang in her basement. Anyways, with the kitchen tables and the board games galore you definitely experience that at-home comfortable feeling.

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The arcade games, pool table and stage for live music also add a great touch. It’s just really a fun place to come, play some games, drink some beer and listen to great music. We definitely recommend it as a first date. Hello, twister anyone?

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Okay. So this is where a little criticism comes in. We totally don’t get the brand. We love the atmosphere, we love the food… but where on earth did that ship theme go? Aside from the name and the ship wallpaper, that’s all that’s really “ship” about it. The first time going there we expected to see a lot of sea food, some rockin fish n chips and a maybe an anchor or two. The fun games, the cool vibe and the records on the wall definitely didn’t make us feel we were at sea.

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But alas, after two Caesars, some beer and a serious game of connect 4 we were really having a good time.

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Social Media Campaign

We definitely think that Stowaway has some good social media love happening. We really loved how they posted months before they were even open to the public. Follow ‘em.

Twitter @TheStowawayPub

Facebook – The Stowaway Pub & Eatery

No Instagram that we could see

Website: www.thestowawaypub.com

Suggestions and Recommendations

Maybe figure out who you are a bit more. Like what on earth does it have to do with ships? But one thing we know is you definitely are fun Stowaway. It was not our first visit and it won’t be our last.

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