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The Burnt Tongue

The Burnt Tongue 

10 Cannon Street East, 

Hamilton, Ontario

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We all know that the second you take a big gulp of that too-hot soup, coffee, tea, whatever … you are in for a burnt tongue – which might be one of the worst things ever, maybe only second to brain freeze. But don’t let this soup restaurant’s name fool you; ‘Burnt Tongue’ will be the best thing that has happened to your mouth in a while.

We’ve both been huge fans of this place since it first opened and are excited to finally share a blog post with you! Meaning, we finally put down our spoons and started typing.

Using our normal template, let’s take a look!

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We absolutely love the logo. We don’t know if this was intentional or not, but to us it totally looks like a burnt stovetop! The design works really with their concept.

The name is cheeky and fun and is definitely a name restaurant-goers will remember.

hamilton small fries | The Burnt Tongue | Picture 1


The Burnt Tongue reminds us so much of Seinfeld’s ‘Soup Nazi’. (Don’t worry, the folks at B.T. are a lot friendlier!) Burnt Tongue offers 6 soups daily and it’s first come first-serve. And with the downtown core swarming with workers at lunchtime, the chances of nabbing your favourite soup at dinner might be slim. But that is all the fun!

You walk in and are greeted with friendly faces and an array of delicious soup. Burnt Tongue’s menu also offers Belgian Fries (our favourite) and burgers. But for any newcomer to the resto, we definitely suggest sampling the soup.

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The place is dimly lit, with rustic features such as barn board walls and mason jar lighting and with your soup in hand, you feel warm and comforted.


Lindsay – I got a super secret soup that wasn’t on the menu! It was a Jamaican Pumpkin soup and it was fantastically delicious.

hamilton small fries | The Burnt Tongue | Picture 5

When you order a soup you also get the choice of a side – apple, bun or veggies. This time I opted for the delicious bun and of course, a side of small fries. They have an array of drinks to choose from and also offer free self-serve water.

I can honestly say that Burnt Tongue has the best soup I have EVER tasted. Sorry Grandma…

hamilton small fries | The Burnt Tongue | Picture 6

Heather – This visit at Burnt Tongue (there has been many, many times before for both Lindsay and I. Haha.), I tried their Chili Con Carne with Sour Cream and Cheddar. It was the perfect thickness I like in a chili and – of course – absolutely delicious! If I ever get a chance to try this specialty again, I definitely will. I also got the Belgian fries as a side… we’re the Hamilton Small Fries – did you expect any less?!

hamilton small fries | The Burnt Tongue | Picture 4

Their fries remind me of my favourite fry truck at the Christmas tree farm where I go every year, only even better if you can believe it. Absolutely amazing!

After all that spicy, yummy chili, I cooled my tongue down with a Rudy’s paleta. I tried the vanilla coconut paleta with chocolate fudge throughout. Can’t go wrong with Rudy’s.


#SoupOnt #HamOnt

Their brand is clear; it really is all about soup.

Co-owners Leo Tsangarakis and Daniel Robinson set out for an industrial style soup kitchen that will appeal to the professional and creative crowds of the James St N area.

Eat-in or take it in a coffee cup to go, they take comfort food to the next level.

With mouth-watering options, fresh local ingredients and a kick ass attitude – Burnt Tongue will become your favourite stop! (Ask Leo – we have visited 4 times in a one week time span!)

They also offer Rudy’s Paletas that work perfectly into their Burnt Tongue brand. They suggest Rudy’s for dessert to cool your Burnt Tongue. Again, cheeky advertising that we love.

hamilton small fries | The Burnt Tongue | Picture 9

We think it was time Hamilton got a good soup place and with it’s recent success we see other restos really trying to ride the Burnt Tongue soup wave. Bravo Burnt Tongue!

Social Media

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theburnttongue
Twitter: @Theburnttongue
Instagram: @theburnttongue
Website: None that we could find.

We love Burnt Tongue’s use of Twitter and Facebook!

Looking to check out their menu for the day? Facebook or Instagram is the place to go.

Want to chat with Leo and Dan about your Burnt Tongue experience? Check them out on Twitter! They are awesome to chat with and we love the use of #SoupOnt and #HamOnt.

We definitely suggest setting up a website – wordpress is really easy! Give a brief description of your place, where to find you, a section on Rudy’s and link to your Facebook and Twitter to keep up with your ever changing menu and great community chats!

We do think Facebook pages are beginning to replace websites for the younger crowds, but having a website with your general information is a huge must for when people google you.

hamilton small fries | The Burnt Tongue | Picture 2


I think this is one of the first places where really … we don’t have one! We think Burnt Tongue is doing everything right and is succeeding at becoming the best soup place in #HamOnt.

If we’d have to say anything we would suggest getting a website up and running. Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing Leo and Dan!

As a side note: It’s also Leo’s birthday this weekend! Be sure to message him with some well wishes. Happy Birthday, Leo!

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