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Art Battle Day

Event: Art Battle Day

270 Sherman Avenue North, Hamilton, ON

+ Canada-wide

We don’t usually promote non-foodie events on our blog, but being that all the proceeds from Art Battle Day Hamilton go to a charity and it also helps to raise awareness about local artists, we decided to make an exception and are happy to be advocating for it!

Art Battle Day Poster

So… you might be wondering:

What is Art Battle Day?

Art Battle Day is a Canada-wide competition in which there are 20 Canadian communities competing for a chance to advance to the 2014 Art Battle National Championship. In each community battle, one location will host a three-round live painting competition with 12 artists from the city (professionals and emerging artists). Audience votes will decide the round winners and name one artist the community event champion.

Where and When is Art Battle?

Hamilton’s only Art Battle Day event will take place at 270 Sherman on Saturday May 10th, 2014 at the 3rd Floor Mill Gallery – 270 Sherman Avenue North, Hamilton. The doors will open at 7pm with the painting starting at 7:30pm. Tickets are on sale for $10 at the door and a cash bar will be offered.

Sherman Ave Building

What is the purpose of Art Battle Day?

The winner of the Art Battle Day event in Hamilton will advance to compete in the regional championship, where the winner will move on to compete at the national championship. One painter will be chosen as the 2014 Art Battle National Champion.

The main purpose of Art Battle Day is to promote local artists in the area and Canada-wide, though with the Hamilton event, all proceeds will go to the Hamilton Arts Council to help continue their mission “to communicate, advocate and mediate for the arts and the role of the arts in the community of Hamilton.”

For more information about the Hamilton Art Battle Day visit http://www.270sherman.ca/events/art-battle-canada/


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