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Cameron’s Brewing Rebrands

Cameron’s Brewing
1165 Invicta Drive
Oakville, ON

Of all the Craft Breweries in the area, one that I like to keep an eye on is Cameron’s Brewing from Oakville, ON. Reasons being because #1 I like the people behind it and #2 they’re very active on social media! They’re always up to something. New events here, there, and everywhere.

Imagine my surprise when I went to look them up on Twitter and could only find another craft brewery named Cameron’s with a modern logo. And then it dawned on me. This was the Cameron’s that I knew…. with a makeover!

hamilton small fries | Hamilton, ON | Cameron's Brewing Rebrand

I immediately tweeted to Cameron’s asking about their re-designed logo. I was told that the rebrand was done by boutique design agency, Cactus, and it was a makeover for not only their iconic ‘Barley Man’ logo, but also their award-winning beers!

Of course, I’m nosy, so I had to find out about their new can designs immediately. I wasn’t able to visit their brewery, but sent my buds at Hoppily Ever After blog to do a visit to Cameron’s. Cameron’s spoiled me (thanks guys) and sent the new cans home for me with Jessica and Josh.

I loved what I saw.

Their Auburn Ale is now Ambear Ale. The story behind it: “The wild black bear has a lot in common with our Ambear Ale. Both are complex, intelligent and incredibly unique.”  Read more about the taste-profile at Hoppily Ever After.

hamilton small fries | Hamilton, ON | Ambear Red Ale Cameron's Brewing

Their Cream Ale is now Cosmic Cream Ale. The story behind it: “On clear nights, it seems as if you can reach out and touch the stars. Cosmic Cream Ale is the perfect companion for idyllic , curious nights beneath constellations.” Read more about the taste-profile at Hoppily Ever After.

hamilton small fries | Hamilton, ON | Cosmic Cream Ale Cameron's Brewing

Their Lager is now Captain’s Log Lager. The story behind it: “Since 1836, many a Captain has used Oakville’s first lighthouse as a guiding light during their evening boyars. A true Oakville landmark, the first lighthouse keeper was also the town’s first tavern owner. Enjoy it while relaxing by the lake or after dark and make this day worth an entry in your logbook.” Read more about the taste-profile at Hoppily Ever After.

hamilton small fries | Hamilton, ON | Captain's Log Lager Cameron's Brewing

The trio of cans launched mid-February at the LCBO and at Cameron’s retail store. All-in-all, I think the rebrand was very successful. They have brought their designs up to par with their award-winning beers. Since the craft beer world is a very visual, design-oriented industry, a good brand is necessary for success.

Which design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below! 

(The product in this post was comped by Cameron’s Brewing Co. Opinions are my own.)

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