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Lou Dawg’s Opens in Hamilton

Lou Dawg’s Southern BBQ
116 George Street, Hamilton (Hess Village)

Lou Dawg's Hamilton | hamilton small fries | Opening

Lou Dawg’s Southern BBQ has officially opened their first franchise operation today (Tuesday April 5th) at the edge of Hess Village in Hamilton, 116 George Street.

Lou Dawg’s is known for its slow authentic smoked BBQ and southern culture, including the best in bourbon, beer and blues.

Check out their menu here:

“We chose Hamilton as the location for our first franchise expansion because of the incredible arts and music culture in the city. We feel that the demographic of locals that enjoy music, art and food would be perfectly suited for our concept simply summarized by ‘We Serve Good Times.’ We look forward to establishing a hub for the good people of Hamilton to enjoy good times, exceptional live music and great BBQ.” said Lou Dawg’s Co-Founder Daryl D’Souza.

Owners and operators Erika Puckering and Chef Jamie Ewing jumped on it when the opportunity to become the first Ontario franchise arose.

“We picked Hamilton as the location for a Lou Dawg’s BBQ franchise because of Hamilton’s budding food scene and appreciation for fantastic food,” said Erika Puckering, Lou Dawg’s Hamilton Owner and Operator. “Jamie and I met at Lou Dawg’s in 2012 and we share a special love for the restaurant that goes beyond the four walls. We think our guests will appreciate all of the extra attention we are putting into the food, the entertainment and the community.” 

In addition to food, the restaurant will be hosting a series of live music and community nights including Lou Dawg’s SignatureTangled Up in the Blues events.

The outdoor patio will open May 2016 creating more square footage for more good times!

Facebook: /LouDawgsHamOnt
Twitter: @loudawgshamont
Instagram: @loudawgs

Will you visit Lou Dawg’s in Hamilton? What dish are you most excited to try?

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