Food and Beer Pairing: Part I

Beer and Food pairing isn’t a new concept, those in the know have been talking about it for years. But now, it’s more widespread. People are realizing the nuances of each brew, and noticing that perhaps maybe there are bevvies that go better with particular dishes.  I’m by no means a beer expert – I rely on the Hoppily Ever After blog for that! But being a foodie, I’m always interested in hearing more about flavour pairings and how I can make my food taste even better.  Recently, I’ve done a lot of foray-ing into the Food and Beer Pairing scene (with Jessica and Josh, the Hoppily crew), and I’ve been really impressed so far. It started out with the Brewer’s Plate event in Toronto, and then led to a whole beer and food pairing meal with. 


Brewer’s Plate was quite the party. The event: A rock music theme (wear your favourite band shirt) and many booths with a Craft Beer sample to choose from and a food mini sample to pair with it. Plus it was all for charity!

(More details about the event HERE)




Back to the pairing dinner.


I have an obsession with cookbooks. There, I said it. At the moment, I’ve got over 75 cookbooks, but my weapon of choice is vintage cookbooks, to be specific. There’s something about the worn pages with unidentifiable food stains from years past, somewhat weird ingredients to the modern folk (like lard) but always overall simple recipes, that just warms my heart. Lately, I’ve been particularly attached to one certain series – The Time Life Foods of the World series. Since Jessica and I both have a German background, we decided that “The Cooking of Germany” recipe book would be perfect for our first pairing meal.

Screenshot_2016-08-01-10-21-23-1 Screenshot_2016-08-01-10-22-01-1-1

We chose to make two dishes from the cookbook and purchase one dessert. Here’s what we made and paired:

French-Bean Salad (Click HERE for the RECIPE) with Black Oak’s Beat the Heat
Read more about the pairing at Hoppily Ever After 


Pork Chops with Knackwurst and Potatoes (Click HERE for the RECIPE) with Old Tomorrow’s Track 85
Read more about the pairing at Hoppily Ever After 


PURCHASED Apple Strudel from Denningers with Refined Fool’s My Cousin Knows the Drummer
Read more about the pairing at Hoppily Ever After


Interested in learning more about pairing food and beer? We’ll be doing more of these series within the coming months PLUS are planning two special events for October’s NOSH Week – one being a Food and Beer Pairing Tour in the city of Hamilton! More details and ticket info coming soon.

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