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Kenzo Ramen, Coming Soon
Coming soon to 21 King St East,
Hamilton, Ontario

The rumours are true. News recently broke that Kenzo Ramen will officially be coming to Hamilton… downtown Hamilton, that is. Across from the fountain in Gore Park, the new Kenzo Ramen has given themselves away by putting up a sign that they’re hiring. (We have eyes everywhere, Kenzo! 😉 )

So why is this a big deal? Hamilton currently suffers from a lack of ramen. There are many variations in the city, but the loss of Chao definitely left a void to ramen-lovers that only a place like Kenzo could fill.

If you are a part of the GTA food scene, you have most likely made your way out to one of the many Kenzo Japanese Noodle Houses. The populararity of the little ramen shop chain is known far and wide, and it is a rarity to find a location without a line-up. No wonder, they do ramen WELL. And it’s a restaurant where you’ll get the full noodle house experience.

Kenzo Ramen opens in Hamilton | Hamilton, Ontario | Hamilton Small Fries Photo 3

While I was at the Mississauga location with @TasteHamont earlier this year, we tried both a Nakasaki Champon Seafood ramen and a Netsu Spicy Ramen. They were both massive bowls of steaming soup, teeming with ingredients, noodles and deliciousness.

I look forward to getting a taste of these again, right downtown Hamilton.

What are you most excited to try at the new Kenzo Ramen?

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