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My Thai

My Thai Restaurants
7 Locations across the GTA

My Thai is my go-to joint when I have a craving for Thai food. The Ancaster location that I usually frequent is more about the mood-lighting and not so photo-friendly, so I’ve never shared a write up about My Thai despite going at the very least once a month.

My Thai | Hamilton, Ontario Food Blog Hamilton Small Fries | Photo 6

Recently, I headed over to the Stoney Creek location with The Generator crew for a meeting over lunch. The Stoney Creek location has more natural light that’s perfect for those beautiful food photos. So, here we are; I finally get to talk My Thai!

My Thai | Hamilton, Ontario Food Blog Hamilton Small Fries | Photo 5

Owner Vanh Kalong opened the first My Thai location in July of 2001 and has since expanded to the restaurant group into 7 locations across the GTA , continuing to own and operate locations with the help of her partners Dennis Forster and Som Douangmala. Kalong is a force to be reckoned with, a driven woman with business savvy. If you ever get the chance to hear Vanh speak at an event (which she has done so quite often), I would highly recommend it for a boost of inspiration!

Onto the FOOD
To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with anything at My Thai. Everything I’ve tried has been delicious – though I do have some dishes that I can enjoy time and time again and never get tired of them. (Keep in mind most of these photos are lunch portions, and dinner portions will be slightly different.) My personal favourites are:

Tom Yum Soup (The National Soup Of Thailand. Tamarind Broth With Lemon Grass, Galangal Root, Lime Leaf, Mushrooms And Fresh Lime Juice With Choice Of: Chicken, Seafood, Tiger Shrimp or Mixed Vegetables)
I love starting my meal out with a bowl of veggie tom yum soup. It’s super spicy, so you have to love high spice levels, but it’s ideal for chilly winter days.

Golden Calamari (Crispy Coated And Served With Sweet Chili Sauce)
Fresh calamari, coated to perfection. What more can I say?

Cashew Chicken (Juicy Chicken Breast With Cashew Nuts, Sweet Peppers, Onions, Fresh Orange In Our Thai Sauce)
Make sure to order jasmine rice with this one and ladle out your cashew chicken on top. This one has quite a fair amount of extra veggies, nuts etc so you won’t get tired of just eating one meat.
My Thai | Hamilton, Ontario Food Blog Hamilton Small Fries | Photo 4

Massaman Curry (This Ancient Curry Became Popular Within The Thai Royal Family In The 16th Century. Massaman Curry Paste, Coconut Milk, Bay Leaves, Tamarind Juice, Potatoes And Red Onions. Topped With Cashew Nuts With Chicken Or Beef.)
Rice with this one is a must! The sweet, spiced and light coconut flavour of this light yellow curry sauce calls out for rice – but is delicious either way. The potatoes mingled with the sweet curry sauce is my favourite part of this. But I’m sure you knew I’m potato-obsessed. (Vegetarian version shown in photo)
My Thai | Hamilton, Ontario Food Blog Hamilton Small Fries | Photo 1

Siamese Beef (Tender Slices Of Beef, Lightly Marinated, Grilled And Served With Sweet Chili Sauce)
The Sweet Chilli Sauce for this one is key! Again, this one is a bit spicy but if you’re a meat-lover who likes it a bit hot, I suggest sprinkling that sauce all over the meat. Such a good addition to a meal.

Pad Thai (Rice Noodles With Fresh Shrimp, Chicken, Tofu, Bean Sprouts. My-Thai’s Own Tamarind Sauce. Garnished With Crushed Peanuts. Try It With Tofu And Vegetables)
My absolute favourite dish to order at My Thai. Personally, their pad thai is my favourite anywhere in the city, I’m quite sure. Lots of flavour, noodles cooked just right, and a lot of peanuts. Yummy!
My Thai | Hamilton, Ontario Food Blog Hamilton Small Fries | Photo 2

Singapore Noodles (Vermicelli Noodles, Chicken, Egg And Assorted Vegetables All Stir Fried In Our Special Turmeric Curry)
More on the spicy curry end of things (without being overly hot), this is a good one if you’re feeling a less-saucy, fried noodle.
My Thai | Hamilton, Ontario Food Blog Hamilton Small Fries | Photo 3

Not only do they offer the delicious food, they are very involved in community building. They currently employ over 100 full and part time employees, take part in many charity events throughout the year, and each year give out $5000 worth of gift certificates to various charity fundraisers.

Visit one of their locations at:
Ancaster – 42 Wilson Street West
Guelph – 80 Macdonell Street
Brantford – 393 St. Paul Avenue
Cambridge – 44 Grand Ave S #101
Hamilton – 21 John St North
Stoney Creek – 826 Queenston Road
Waterloo – 51E King St N

Follow them at
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Have you been to My Thai? What’s your favourite dish there?




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