Big Scoops

2 Duke Street, 

Hamilton, ON

hamilton small fries | Big Scoops Hamilton | Picture1

No not one scoop. Or a little one. In reality, not even a big one.

Big Scoops at the corner of James Street South and Duke Street serves up the BIGGEST scoops of ice cream you have ever seen. If you are looking for a cone to bring with you on your downtown adventures this is just the place.


Big Scoops. There are no words or no logo that would prepare you for what you will receive. But hey, the name says it all.

Food Review

Lindsay – Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough on a sugar cone. I got a small. There was absolutely nothing small about it. Ice cream was delicious! Exactly the ice cream from the late Stoney Creek Dairy. RIP.

hamilton small fries | Big Scoops Hamilton | Picture 5

Heather – I got a Kiddie size (Again, NOT kiddie size. This was massive.) of one of my general favourites, Orange Pineapple ice cream. Just as yummy as ever. I didn’t managed to snap a pic of this one, as I was too busy mowin’ down on it.

Jess – Today we took Heather’s sister, Jess, along. She got a small cotton Candy. Again, we think they need to rename the smalls to “not small at all”.

hamilton small fries | Big Scoops Hamilton | Picture 4


It’s a wee window that you order from. Too bad there was no place to sit. It was a walk and eat kinda dessert.

hamilton small fries | Big Scoops Hamilton | Picture 2


We think it’s just a plain old ice cream window. No real brand about it. But we think there is definitely potential. It’s time for Big Scoops to be the go-to place downtown. Jazz up your window, find some creative ways for seating and play off the big portions. Why not do homemade or local waffle cones? Email us for other ideas, Big Scoops!

Social Media Campaign

Not a strong social media presence. There is much more they could be doing with this!

Facebook: BigScoopsIceCream
Twitter: @bigscoops2duke
Instagram: None that we could find.
Website: None that we could find.

hamilton small fries | Big Scoops Hamilton | Picture 3


Establish a brand, a little window reno and get into social media. It’s easy marketing with a high ROI. Would like to see this window become much more brand wise!

Been to Big Scoops? Review it with us!