Six to eight stops in Hamilton’s downtown core enjoying a day full of history, sampling new foods made locally, and chatting with interesting people. Sound like your type of thing? Ours too…which is what drew us to Hamilton Food Tours like flies to honey.

hamilton small fries | Hamilton Food Tours | Hamilton, Ontario | The Burnt Tongue Fries

The Itinerary of Our Tour

  1. Mulberry Coffeehouse (Check out our review of Mulberry here.
  2. The Green Smoothie Bar (Check out our review of Green Smoothie bar here.
  3. Butcher and the Vegan (Stay tuned for an upcoming post.) 
  4. Shine
  5. The Burnt Tongue (Check out our review of The Burnt Tongue here.) 
  6. Pane Del Sole
  7. Chocolat on James
  8. The Hamilton Store

Extra visits included: James North General Store, Mixed Media, and Pretty Grit.


What to Expect

You start off by meeting your tour guide (the lovely Vanessa!) at specified location in downtown Hamilton. From there, you enjoy some food sampling and go through introductions and some chit chat. And then…the fun begins!


Reminiscent of retro signage, we think they did a great job with the design.

hamilton small fries | Hamilton Food Tours | Picture 1 | Hamilton, Ontario

It brings to mind sight-seeing (Route 66 anyone?) which is similar to the concept of Hamilton Food Tours – sight-seeing in your own city!

Food and Reviews

1st Foodie Stop: We started out the day at Mulberry Coffeehouse with some sweet treats and a drink of our choosing. We could have gone without the drink, since the next stop included two smoothies – but we’re sure some people can’t go without their morning caffeine. Understandable! The treats did not disappoint. (The Hello Dolly’s are to die for!)


2nd Foodie Stop: Next stop at Green Smoothie Bar included samplings of their Sobi Smoothie (Strawberry & Cream), and Muddy Monkey. Heather was a big fan of the Sobi Smoothie, while Lindsay preferred the Muddy Monkey. Trust us when we say GSB has a flavour everyone will enjoy.


3rd Foodie Stop:  Butcher and Vegan offered up Beet Fries with a vegan Tarragon Aioli and Wild Mushroom Crostinis.


Sorry to play favourites here…but Butcher and the Vegan was definitely the stop we were most excited for, since both of us had yet to visit. We loved both dishes so much that we went back the next weekend to celebrate National Friendship Day. (Stay tuned for an upcoming post about that visit!)


4th Foodie Stop: The Burnt Tongue spoiled us! Not a surprise to us, they are consistently awesome! We sampled three soups they were offering that day (check out their Insta for the soup menu of the day) along with Caramelized Onion Grilled Cheese, Prosciutto Salad and our new fave…Loaded Fries. We had tried Burnt Tongue’s amazing Belgian fries before, but never with the Loaded toppings; Peanut Sauce, Green Onion, Peanuts, Onion – so good! We will definitely go back for this.


5th Foodie Stop: We aren’t usually dessert people, but Pane Del Sole‘s gelato was the perfect cool down dish on this hot day out in the sun. Their Almond Brittle gelato did not disappoint.

hamilton small fries | Hamilton Food Tours | Pane Del Sole | Picture 8 | Hamilton, Ontario

6th Foodie Stop: Chocolat on James let us sample some of their chocolate (of course) in milk, dark and white. Since Heather works at a chocolate/gift shop – she’s always interested in others in the industry. (#ChocolateLoversUnite!) We were both really impressed by this gorgeous shop, and plan to stop by again when we need a coffee/chocolate fix.

hamilton small fries | Hamilton Food Tours | Picture 9 | Hamilton, Ontario


Hamilton Food Tours have branded themselves as the premier culinary tour company in Hamilton. Fab idea in our opinion, since there isn’t much else out there in the city! #HamOnt is becoming known for it’s booming food scene, Hamilton Food Tours is the perfect way to discover it without breaking the bank.

hamilton small fries | Hamilton Food Tours | James North General Store | Picture 11 | Hamilton Ontario

Social Media Campaign

They’re active on all important social media channels, and are immersed in the online #HamOnt conversation. Hamilton Food Tours is doing it right!

Facebook: HamiltonFoodTours

Instagram: HamiltonFoodTours

Twitter: HamOntFoodTours


hamilton small fries | Hamilton Food Tours | Vanessa | Picture 12
Vanessa, Founder and Tour Guide at Hamilton Food Tours


Please, no soup on a 40C+ hot day! We love The Burnt Tongue as much as the next guy, but we were about ready to die of heat stroke that day.

We would also LOVE to see a tour that incorporates Sobi Bikes. How fun would that be?

Overall, we loved the experience and can’t wait to go on another one of the Hamilton Food Tours. (They offer a few, did we mention that? Link HERE.)

hamilton small fries | Hamilton Food Tours | Picture 2 | Hamilton, Ontario

Have you been on a Hamilton Food Tour? Review it with us!