Bar Sazerac

278  James Street North,

Hamilton, ON

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If you’re a fan of the New Orleans culture, like I am, you’re going to be extremely excited about the new Bar on James Street North – Bar Sazerac. Even if you aren’t specifically a NOLA culture fan, you should be excited because this place is fab.

I feel like this could be a cool place to take a first date – you won’t just sit across from eachother eating and wondering what to say – you’ll have an experience together. Everything the servers does is like an entire show. Some of the drinks even include a jar full of smoke and a shaker full of fire. Now THAT’S impressive.

Onto the review:

Food & Drink

Custom Cocktail

If you’re not sure what you want to drink from their extensive cocktail menu (see below though, that’s the only drink I want…forever), let the bartender know your favourite kind of spirit – along with if you prefer dry, sweet, sour, etc. Then based on that, she/he creates a fun new drink for you! I tried a drink with whisky and chose something more on the sour side of the flavour spectrum. It was super tasty and there were hearts on it. Adorable!

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Kurpinsky’s “Follow Your Nose” Clarified Milk Punch

I’m not a huge cocktail kind of person, but this was literally the tastiest thing I have ever had to drink. That’s not even an exaggeration. It was so good and when you go, you need to try it. Plus it has fruit loops in it, so how could you say no to that?

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Oyster Plate (4 kinds)

Their oysters are based on how fancy you want to go and how much you want to spend. Ask Kyle the details about oyster types and costs when you visit! They also have a delish housemade hotsauce (tha best), ginger scallion relish and cucumber mignonette that you can adorn your oysters with.

img_7411Bar Sazerac | Hamilton, Ontario | hamilton small fries | 4

Oyster Ceviche with Pickled Oysters

This was my favourite dish of the evening and I wish I could eat this one for every meal. I don’t eat classic oysters often (I know, what a weirdo right?), I think because I dislike pouring them into my mouth jello-shot-style. (Yes, I realize they’re much classier). Luckily, they were “de-shelled” for me, and they were in a little bowl with house-made soft Rye Bread on the side for dipping. Semi pickley tasting and a smidge spicy, this had everything I look for in a dish. Also I love that it was served with okra, which is actually pretty hard to find in Hamilton. And the pickling of the okra made it so they were less on the fuzzy/squishy side and more crunchy. Delicious.

Bar Sazerac | Hamilton, Ontario | hamilton small fries | 2

They’ll also have cheese platters, and cold New Orleans themed dishes. (I heard mention of muffaletta which I am dead excited for!)


I love their logo. It is so Great Gatsby Art Deco style and that sign photographs like a dream.

Bar Sazerac | Hamilton, Ontario | hamilton small fries | 7


The space is little, but of course that makes the “show” of sitting at the bar and watching what’s going down even more fun. Plus the smaller space means you can actually talk with them about what they’re creating and why they’re doing each step the way that they are. Kyle is so knowledgeable about oyster types – I feel like I could listen to him talk food all day.

Bar Sazerac | Hamilton, Ontario | hamilton small fries | 5

They have mardi gras décor scattered around, classic NOLA tunes playing through the speakers and  New Orleans style wrought-iron across the walls. They went all out to make sure they’re ‘on-brand’ and I appreciate that about them 😀

Bar Sazerac | Hamilton, Ontario | hamilton small fries | 9

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FINAL THOUGHTS: The people there are lovely, the food is delicious and the drinks are the bomb (do people even still say that?). You need to visit asap.

Been to Bar Sazerac? What was your favourite cocktail or food item there? Review it with me in the comments below!