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Chacha’s Pierogi

Chacha’s Pierogi Based out of Kitchen Collective 811 King St East, Hamilton ON Find them at next weekend’s I Heart Beer Festival! With many of the more traditional European stores closing (Helen’s, Shirins), well-made pierogis are surprisingly hard to find in the city. Enter Chachas! With a Ukrainian background, owner, Lyndsay, basically grew up on… Read More Chacha’s Pierogi

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Burlington Dessert Crawl

Burlington Dessert Crawl WINTER IS COMING. And that being said, so are the Holidays! I feel like everyone can agree on this, one of the main things you do around the Holiday season is eat sweets. Am I right? In Hamilton, we’re pretty blessed with a fair amount of bakeries and dessert shops in the… Read More Burlington Dessert Crawl

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Hamilton NOSH: A Celebration of the City’s Rising Food Scene Hamilton’s city council is taking notice of the rising culinary scene in Hamilton, and I couldn’t be happier about it! They have launched the brand-spanking-new concept of #NOSHHamOnt – a week celebrating everything #HamOnt culinary. I love this concept and I’m getting involved in any way that I can! I’ll be running a special… Read More Hamilton NOSH: A Celebration of the City’s Rising Food Scene